cerecYour time is very valuable to you, and that is the reason why we have made the investment in CEREC® digital dentistry. CEREC® happens to be an innovative technological method that enables us to create and insert a natural-looking crown that fits your teeth beautifully. And, to perform the complete process in a single appointment. It usually takes about an hour for the crown to get made and cemented into position. This process would once require a full week to 10 days.

There are merely a handful of dental offices which incorporate this remarkably state-of-the-art technology inside their dental office.

What’s involved?

If you require a crown or an inlay, we model the brand new restoration with a special computer, and create the crown here in our private lab.

Due to the fact that everything is electronic, we will take electronic impressions of your teeth. That means forget about gagging on dental goop. The digital “impression” taken using a revolutionary three-dimensional scanning system is considerably more precise than typical molds and creates a crown with a far more superior fitment.

The crown is crafted out of a high-strength ceramic block using a three-dimensional milling cutter. The ceramic that is used creates a much stronger and longer-lasting crown in a fraction of the time. That means you do not have to drive to see us for a second time, take a seat in the chair again for an hour and then travel home again. You spend less time, hassle and gasoline!