Our No-Fear Approach to Dental Care

Chestnut Green Dental Sedation Dentistry LotusDoes the thought of an upcoming dental appointment cause you stress and anxiety?

Have you ever previously avoided dental cleanings or preventive dental treatments because of fear and anxiety?

Apprehension regarding dental care is really a pretty typical phobia. You aren’t alone. Were you aware that nearly 50% of people start to feel uneasy or anxious when contemplating going to the dentist or getting some sort of treatment done there?

Our staff has dedicated themselves to be able to make patients relaxed and at ease in the course of dental examinations and treatments.

Without having a staff which cares about, and is familiar with their patients, absolutely nothing else actually matters! We are going to in no way make a patient feel uncomfortable with their dental needs, and we seek to fully understand and take care of patients as unique individuals.

Here is a list of some of the most typical dental fears:

Fear of being embarrassed regarding the current condition of teeth
Fear of gagging
Fear of needles
Fear of losing control
Fear of not getting numb when injected with Novocain
Fear of pain
Fear of the dental professional as a human being
Fear of the hand device (or perhaps the drill)
Fear of the unknown
Fear of dental sounds and smells

Recently available technological advancements have meant that oftentimes, dentists are able to get rid of noisy drills and offer fast and efficient treatment. Additionally, there are a multitude of safe anesthetics designed to do away with pain and minimize anxiety in the course of regular appointments. Our office is also specially built to put you at ease by removing many of the items, sounds and smells of a normal dentist office you might associate along with your prior dental visits.

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Below are great tips in lessening dental anxiety and fear:

• Speak with our doctors – Despite the fact that it may be difficult to speak about irrational fears with a complete stranger, our doctors could take additional precautions during appointments if worries and anxiety are disclosed.

• Bring an iPod – Music will act as a relaxant and also drowns out any fear-producing sounds. Listening to your favorite comforting music in the course of this appointment will reduce anxiousness.

• Decide on a sign – A lot of people are afraid that the dentist will not likely know they are in substantial discomfort during the appointment, but will carry on the treatment regardless. The best way to fix this issue is to agree on a “stop” hand sign with the dentist.

• Spray the throat – Throat sprays (for instance, Vicks® Chloraseptic® Throat Spray) can actually control the gag response. Two or three sprays will usually keep the reflex in check for about one hour.

• Take a mirror with you – Not having the ability to observe what is going on can increase anxiety and make your imagination run wild. Looking at the process can help keep reality at the front of your mind.

• Sedation – Choosing a comfortable level of sedation provides an excellent option for many individuals.

• Discuss the procedure – Make sure you let us know the extent and depth of treatment plan explanations you require.

• Talk about all of the choices with one of our doctors and select the one which works well and produces little anxiety.

Conquering Fear

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Inside an open and caring atmosphere, individuals will be given dental care realizing they are not being judged or perhaps looked down upon due to their nervousness about dentistry. We aim to do well at the technical components of dentistry but equally as imperative we aim to attend to the person’s emotional needs. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding how Chestnut Green Dental can help you get over fear and anxiety, please contact our office.